We love sharing our customer testimonials with you, and hope to recieve many more in the future. Pro Funds values our clients more than anything, here are a few of our favorite reviews:

As a Professional Real Estate Sales Representative I am always looking for that "something" that will differentiate me from the competition. As a Best in Class service provider I have to guarantee that my VIP Clients are treated in an uncommon, professional and exceptional manner. Pro Funds delivers that extraordinary and rare value along every stage of my Client's Real Estate Wealth building Journey. My Professional Reputation and Success is contingent on those I trust to work with my Clients . I trust Pro Funds implicitly.

Ian Walterhouse - CENTURY 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc.

I have been an investor with Profunds for several years and continue to be very impressed with the returns on the deals that I’ve done. As a person with no business background, Carmen and her team have carefully taken the time to walk me through the steps to making safe investments that consistently outshine whatever sad returns are offered by my bank and my Financial Advisor!

I work very hard for my money, and am not much of a risk taker, and that’s why Profunds is the perfect fit. I completely trust Carmen and her team to help make my money work for me. And the best part is that it’s in a completely passive way! I have not found a better investment opportunity anywhere else. Profunds is it!

Susan Rampersaud

As part of my Asset allocation strategy, I have been investing with Pro Funds Mortgages for over 3 years and have received exceptional returns on my real estate mortgage investment portfolio, which is currently spread over ten projects, and counting. I believe the success to passive mortgage investment is to effectively manage the risk vs. the reward. Carmen and her team at Pro Funds Mortgages and Valour Group Inc. are highly experienced at identifying & managing high yield mortgage investment projects, have skin in the game (it’s own money invested in most projects), and have decades of expertise to protect my investment when necessary.

Transparency, full disclosure and timely reporting are hallmark of the professional services that I receive from Pro Funds Mortgages.

Pro Funds Investment Operations team, headed by Jordan Campagnaro is seamless from start to finish -- be it project due diligence and/or legal paperwork, they are always available to answer my questions and concerns. Jordan’s dedicated team put together the following extensive legal & regulatory paperwork and have always worked diligently to ensure that I am able to accurately complete and forward the paperwork to Investor/Lenders’ lawyer to accomplish timely financial closing, as well as, registration of “Mortgage/Charge” (at the Land Registrar) on the borrower’s property as security for the loan.

With growing trust and confidence in Pro Funds Mortgage Investment Offerings, its effective administration of each project until completion, as well as, retention of a highly experienced real estate & land development lawyer, who solely works for Investors/lenders interest in each project -- I have with confidence, adopted an “interest compounding’’ strategy, whereby interest & lender fees earned from invested- projects are “re-invested” along with additional capital in new mortgage investment projects, which effectively yield higher consolidated returns for my investment portfolio -- due to the powerful benefits of compounding.

Many thanks Pro Funds for helping me build my self-directed retirement fund!

Syed Atique Ahmad – over 3 years invested in Pro Funds’ Mortgage Investment Portfolio

My name is Josué Cinéus I am a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Oakville.

A good friend of mine was in real trouble when her seasonal flower shop did not produce enough to pay her rent. Having exhausted all avenues she came to me to see how I could help. The rent was due the next day or a lock would have been put on her business. I knew of only one person who could come through in less than 24h and the only name I could come up with was Carmen Campagnaro. I met Carmen close to 10 years ago while I was involved in Real Estate and she made such an impression on me that I have always kept her in my mind. Carmen did the impossible, went as far as negotiating with the Landlord on behalf of my florist friend and saved her business, name and reputation by lending her funds to pay her rent. What was more impressive is that Carmen does not do deals for such small amounts but she did it for my friend. What an amazing woman she is. Carmen never forgots her small beginnings and this is powerful.

Josué Cinéus - Edward Jones

We can’t say enough good things about Carmen and her team at Profunds. They were not only friendly and professional but they went above and beyond what we could have would ever expected.  The deal we were working on was for a multifamily unit. Carmen quickly got us an amazing interest rate and mortgage. Her knowledge of real estate was invaluable as we were negotiating. She was also able to get us some private financing to finish the deal. We can ultimately say that it was thanks to Carmen and Profunds that we were able to close. We have already recommended them to other investors.

Jim and Jennifer Rainbow - Calgary, Alberta

My Name is Paul Cranmer and I have been a passive real estate investor over the past 10 years. I have learned over that time to be successful in acquiring income  properties you have to have a great team of advisors to help you. Over the past couple of years I have increased my focus on real estate education in order to go from a passive investor to taking a more active role in creating more wealth through real estate. Real estate as an asset class has many distinct advantages and a great way to build a secure retirement that pays you income every month with an asset that builds equity over time.

Through my education and networking in the world of real estate I was referred to Carmen C. at Profunds from a mentor assisting me on some offers for properties in Ontario.  I was excited that I was on my path to achieving my investment goals in real estate and putting into use some of the techniques I had learned. I quickly realized that in the pursuit I was like many investors faced with a financial mountain to climb and I risked losing the opportunity of acquiring a great asset. Although most of my debt was in the investor’s eyes good debt secured by bricks and mortar with a steady stream of income to go with it but in the eyes of the Bank they only saw allot of debt behind me.
Carmen and her team took the necessary time to understand my current situation, investment goals and began to develop strategies to help reorganize my financial situation to help ensure my success and achievement of my goals. Carmen’s experience as an investor gives her a distinct advantage over her competition. She is able to see things that other bankers and mortgage brokers don’t such as cash flow, cash on cash return, Cap rate, GRM and how these indicators relate to a property. She will look at personal finances as it relates to debt to income ratio’s and makes recommendations on how to improve your credit score,  She understands the stages of both commercial and residential deals and timing as it relates to negotiating better terms.

Carmen and her team offer their clients not only financial advice but investment opportunities that are a win win for everyone involved and the numbers and do diligence reviewed by them. These are intangible benefits that set Profunds ahead of the others and I will be working and recommending the services of Profunds to anyone I come into contact with that are looking for great advice and financial services in real estate. Carmen’s commitment to success and confidence in her clients is refreshing and I look forward to working with her over the years ahead.

Paul Cranmer

Dear Carmen I would like to take a moment to thank you, Linda and your staff for the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and care they have demonstrated since our first encounter with your company. I have dealt with many firms and find yours to be a top-notch organization. You have been FABULOUS! I look forward to working on many other projects with you.

With sincere Appreciation Reema and Omar Rafay Supply Chain Recruit

I have recently read your "Guide to Financing Criteria", and I am very excited. We are three very motivated and success oriented individuals living in Sudbury, Ontario. I very much enjoyed what you wrote in your personal letter in that package. I strongly believe that you are precisely the type of person we want on our team. After a less than satisfying experience with mediocre brokers who are not on the same page as us. However, you have re-ignited our belief that there are quality people out there.

Jason Cresswell

Thanks!!! You are great to have around on Fridays, keep the good news coming, lol. I am starting to get excited now that things are coming together. Thanks again for everything you have done, you have been a godsend and truly have made the experience bearable. I truly appreciate your help and will certainly pass on my great experience to anyone and everyone getting ready to purchase a home. Have a great weekend yourself!


Thank you for making all of this happen for Heather and I. I've said it before, I'll say it again, for us, the mortgage broker is the most important team member for our income property business. We've received the appraisal and the appreciation card in today's mail. Thanks again and take care. Until next time.

We are to go with Carmen and Linda because as I mentioned, they exclusively work with investors and we have chosen to work directly with them for these deals since they understand our needs and are an extreme pleasure to work with. Remember, Rich Dad always says, get the best advisors you can. I think we have them with these to wonderful ladies.