Why Borrow Privately?

Quick Closings

We understand that time can be of great essence in making purchase decisions. Based on your deal, our specialists can help you access private financing in as little as one week to be more competitive on your offers. The ease and speed of utilizing private money can make a huge difference in your real estate acquisition strategy.

Fully Open Mortgages

Our mortgage structure is open for repayment at anytime, which allows flexibility for you as a Borrower to repay your mortgage at any time during the term of the mortgage and save on borrowing costs. This is a great feature for those who are looking for short-term/interim financing without the burden of a full year commitment.

Purchase With No Money Down

We can help you leverage equity in collateral real estate to purchase a new property with little to zero money down, along with covering closing costs and interest payments. Speak with us to find out how.

Limited Restrictions

With private financing there are limited restrictions on property type. We can finance vacant properties, condo conversions, renovations and allow for partial discharges to enable you the flexibility to accomplish your real estate goals without constraints.

Leverage More of Your Property

We can help you leverage more of the equity in your property by offering higher loan to value ratios (typically up to 85% of your property valuation), compared to Bank Lenders which would allow financing at only 60-80% of property value. This provides you with access to more capital for your needs/investment goals.

Ease of Borrowing

We understand not everyone has perfect credit or can provide standard forms of income confirmation, which is a requirement to obtain a mortgage from most Bank lenders. With private mortgages, we understand your story, and by following a “make sense” strategy, we can make your qualification process easier and take the stress out of financing.

Creative Strategies

Our specialists who are highly experienced in creative financing and real estate investing think out of the box to get you the maximum loan amount you can afford. We understand that the borrowing guidelines can limit your ability to realise your maximum borrowing potential, however with our expertise, we are able to help you accelerate the growth of your wealth portfolio.

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