New Home Buyers

"There are few things more important to your family's security than the home you buy..."

Mortgage financing has become very complex with constantly changing rates, terms and conditions. Choosing the mortgage best suited to your specific needs has never been more difficult. Banks, trust and insurance companies are continually inventing new mortgage products to capture your attention, and hopefully your business, to ensuring that you get the best possible rate and product will depend on aggressively shopping the mortgage marketplace. Often a mortgage lender's posted rate may not be the best rate available. You may be able to qualify for a lower rate, but not know it. Some lenders are not available to the general market place and strictly work through a mortgage broker.

To maximize the benefits to you, you may want to consider enlisting the services of a professional Pro Funds Mortgages mortgage broker/agent. We negotiate with major financial institutions, chartered banks, trust and insurance companies, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, GE Capital and others to bring our clients the most competitive mortgage rates and terms. Acting in a correspondent type relationship with the banks, trust and insurance companies, Pro Funds Mortgages will usually earn a commission or fee from the lender for all the work, advertising and promotion done on their behalf. Our professional services are provided, in most cases, at no cost to you. A professional Pro Funds Mortgages mortgage agent is constantly updated on rate changes and new products being introduced in the market daily. As our client, you can choose from the widest range of options, obtain the most competitive rate and best product suited to your specific needs. An extensive network of financing institutions has enabled many of our clients to obtain savings of up to 1% or more below retail branch level rates.

Before you make what is likely to be the biggest financial decision of your life, talk to your professional Pro Funds Mortgages mortgage broker/agent.

If you are in the market for a new home you should definitely pre-qualify for a mortgage. First, this will give you definite direction as well enables you to capture today's rates and hold them until you find and close on your new home. If the rates go up in this time period you will benefit from the hold. If they go down, we will acquire that rate. Our service will also prevent you from shopping with banks, having several credit inquiries and will eliminate all the running around, as this is confusing, frustrating and will bring your credit score down. We will guarantee the best rate as we deal with all the Big Banks. Our office has direct contacts with the final decision makers. This in turn will allow for better rates and exceptions made that banks at branch level may not obtain.

Pro Funds Mortgages is offering a promotion to their qualified clients in order to obtain a beyond competitive rate. Contact your Pro Funds Mortgage agent for the details of the buy the rate down program.

Please complete application for your pre-approval today.
Just looking to take advantage of the low rates and shop for a New Rate. Let us do the legwork for you. If you are a qualified client we will acquire the best rate that will suit your specific needs. In order to enable us to work more efficiently please complete application (PDF) and refinance check list (PDF) .

Debt Consolidation
Do you have debts that are making your monthly obligations very tight? You do have options! If you have equity in your home, we have lenders that will lend up to 90% of that value to consolidate and use these funds for your specific requirements. Why pay those high credit interest rates when you can acquire a much lower rate that is amortized over 30 years. Give yourself peace of mind.

2nd Mortgage
Do you want to keep you first mortgage in place, however still require some funds from the equity in your home? We have several options for you. We can use an institution as well have access to private funds for the more challenged scenario.

Cottage Financing
Are you looking to purchase a recreational or cottage property? We can help. Most lenders will offer a maximum of 80% financing - on occasion 85% depending on the location. Please complete application and fax it to our office for a quick approval.