Our History

Carmen Campagnaro encountered her first taste of the exciting and lucrative possibilities involved in real estate when she purchased her first property at the age of 18 years old. Since then, Carmen has developed a passion for real estate and a keen eye for sourcing, purchasing, flipping, and selling properties. Being an avid real estate investor, Carmen came across many experiences that made property acquisition and mortgage financing challenging. As someone with direct experience in the industry, she launched Pro Funds Mortgages in 1997 in order to make this process a smooth and positive experience for all involved.

Throughout the years, Pro Funds Mortgages has developed into a niche brokerage that offers an array of services to its investor clients. Carmen’s knowledge in real estate and the acquirement of wealth through this medium has been channelled into a company that thrives on helping others grow their investment portfolios and realize the exciting possibilities just as Carmen did years ago.

The Company

Pro Funds Mortgages has been active in the industry for the past 20+ years with expertise in real estate acquisitions, development and mortgage finance. We are a boutique business in the industry providing mortgage services in residential, multi-residential, commercial, construction and development properties with both institutional and private lenders.

We are a brokerage that caters to real estate investors by focusing on creative financing solutions through private funding. Acting as a medium between borrowers and lenders, we provide mutually beneficial scenarios for those looking to purchase, or extract equity from their properties, and those looking to lend their funds into mortgage investments secured on real estate.

With a rich background of knowledge and expertise, our primary objective is to help our clients create wealth by providing effective real estate solutions and support. Our extensive network of lenders and borrowers, along with our skilled team and strong work ethic allows us to do this.