Advisory Services

Do you have cold feet, are you afraid to take the plunge? Have you taken several courses, read several real estate investing books and are very motivated but do not have the support to move forward?

This advisory service offered by Pro Funds Mortgages, is conducted by very experienced real estate investors that have a large amount of knowledge and  expertise in the real estate investment world. Whether it is an acquisition of small or large investments, we will assist and train you in properties of all types such as commercial, residential, re-development etc. whichever direction you wish to learn and feel is your path. Our experience will prove to be beneficial in  many facets of real estate from commercial, residential, condo conversions, development, negotiations, and finance. This will certainly give you the insight and knowledge leading to a successful result.

Pro Funds Mortgages has been servicing real estate investors over the past 16 years providing advisory services and mortgage financing to new investors. Take the leap with a strong hand of guidance and personal support.

Advisory service fees: One on one, scheduled telephone meetings as well an initial  one hour meeting at Pro Funds Head Office to determine direction, personal analysis, pre qualification for mortgage, mentorship and deal assessment. In total we will offer the first 10 hours of time for $2,400 plus HST.

These are the most important factors of becoming a wise investor:
Determining direction, financial capabilities, assessing deals, structuring offers to accommodate the banking guidelines, assistance in negotiations, and the structure for the facilitation of funding will be included in the advisory service. Let someone that is an expert in acquisition and financing assist with your first deal from start to finish. Have one on one guidance. Have access to other key players in the industry ie: lawyers, accountants, property management, real estate agents, contractors, appraisers, and the most important access to real estate opportunities that make sense. Be part of this incredible network.

Pro Funds will ensure once you have spent 10 hours with our qualified trainers you will be ready to move forward and reach your real estate goals with ease.